Quarantine Convention for the Beauty Industry
Learn survival resources in the beauty industry with some of the most successful digital marketers, legal practitioners, business strategists, entrepreneurs and CEOs.
What we’ll cover in this event…
  • Start or add a brand new revenue stream to your business (and diversify your income)
  • Taking a multimillion-dollar brand and moving it into a new market (AND a new language)
  • How to land and impress your first client
  • ​How to grow an engaged audience for your business on social media using free videos
  • ​How to tell engaging and attractive stories that gain followers on social media to make your business interesting
  • ​How to set up social media and email marketing funnels for your business, so you can collect leads, and monetize them over time for increased value
  • ​How to negotiate with customers in a language they will respond to efficiently
  • How to find clients that will create a steady cash flow, and convince them to pay you for your valuable services
  • What is the best way to track the money that’s been generated for your business
  • ​How to create social media content that people will like, share, and comment on
  • ​How to apply your valuable skill set for you to own your business, so you can free yourself from the cost of outsourcing content creation and marketing
  • ​How to create your scalable part- or full-time business
  • ​Shift from trading your time for money, to building more scalable skills
  • ​Get in on this wave and start making money through your passion

    AND MORE!!!

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